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I'm a nerd, asshole, good guy, even a lil romantic, and pretty awesome /s but in the end I just hope I'm something for someone..... Beautiful, stupid, ugly, funny, everything is random... I post anything I find cool! I'm from El Paso Tx, and I will always love this city, I love to make people laugh, especially the people I care about. I will do everything in my power to see you smile, for there is no greater feeling then making those you love smile. I love Star wars everything especially Legos (but who doesn't right), old and new gaming stuff. Movies of every type(500 days of summer, Slumdog Millionaire and many more especially sci-fi, pixar) I grew up with Harry Potter and it will always be my favorite books, but I have moved on the Game of Thrones series "Winter is Coming" I love to collect random shit, I might become a hoarder I wont lie hahaha (I do follow back but just give me sometime cause I always forget to check) 18+ = lots of naked women with Tats and other awesome stuff!!

#chineseart  #mingdynasty Daoist deity #art

#chineseart #mingdynasty Daoist deity #art

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